Congratulations! You have been selected as a contestant on “The Hunger Games, USA”.

Yes!  Who will be the ultimate survivor?   As we wade through the swamp that is our new government, transverse the jungle of fake news (real fake news that is, not the fake fake news which is the truth… are you confused yet?), feel the heat-wave of hate, bigotry and insanity that grips our nation and watch in dismay the potential desecration of our forests and the primitive rejection of science over distorted theology; who will be voted off?  We are mired in a daily onslaught of gormless, contradictory trash,  banal rejection of civil behavior over the crass and a bare-butt rejection of anything decent.  Education has become the “enemy” trying to cannibalize our minds and we are in fear of being dragged into someone’s cave to be enslaved, raped or murdered merely for “the game”.

So, how are we faring so far?  Frankly, many of us are smoking the pipe of denial, while others cower in their caves.  Everyone has a different reaction but who will survive?  How will we survive?  Will we be forced into a mindless civil war? Will we be complacent animals penned up in a cage of our own making or will we prevail through dogged determination and the desire to reach deep inside our primitive roots and attack? Will we defend our country, our children and the world?  I hope so.

The game is very simple, everyone takes an “action”, EVERYONE.  We all perform our action every day.  We do it consistently and we make no excuses. Do you love your country and freedoms enough to do that?  Here are some suggestions:


  1. Call Congress daily

2. Speak out in your community. Who cares what others think?  This is important.

3. When an injustice is done, protest it.

4. When a discriminatory law is passed, refute it.

5. Get the “Countable” App and USE it.

6.  Call, write or email your state representatives.


Complacency is the biggest enemy in this game.  You will not survive. Your children will not survive. Resist.