Make America Smart Again

It’s hard to find the words to express how I feel today. There are no words left to say that haven’t been said and no names left to describe Trump. For the past two years we have, as Americans, allowed this man to rape our country because a group of mindless fanatics think a TV celebrity can do no wrong. Then Russia, a country that has always been the enemy and completely untrustworthy interfered in our elections, (no longer up for debate), and influenced the mindless “Trump Groupies” against a woman imminently qualified to be president. We allowed this woman’s name to be dragged through the mud of conspiracy theories while a corrupt, greedy, self-entitled, witless, racist man was given a godlike pass to do anything he wanted to us. We watched while he destroyed protections for animals and the environment, hated on anyone not white, turned his groupies against the rest of us, caused hundreds of innocent people to be killed and did his best to demean women and take away their rights. He made a mockery of organized religions while pretending to be pious. We did nothing as he slowly attacked anyone who was “different” and began the process of cleaning out our armed forces of those people. He punished people seeking asylum by tearing their children away from them. He banned people from the middle east but only those he didn’t have “business” with. He insulted our closest allies and now…he has praised the most violent dictators in the world, Kim and Putin. Yesterday he went even further and actually stood next to Putin and insulted/assaulted the integrity of his own country while siding with the enemy. Enough. Trump and his entire administration are complicit in his actions. If we cannot stand up to this insanity we deserve what we get. Please contact your state representatives and congress TODAY. There is nothing more important than this, nothing. We have the power to change this travesty, let’s Make America Smart Again!