I Know Who You Are


I know who you are if you still think Trump is a good guy.  You are:

  1. Afraid of change
  2. Afraid of people who are not white or are different than you.
  3. Have a poor education, maybe through high school, maybe no.
  4. You lack curiosity.
  5. You lack personal motivation and may be on Government assistance.
  6. Deep down you are ashamed of who and what you are.
  7. You lack critical thinking skills and probably don’t even know it.
  8. You are religious, most probably Christian even though you probably have to idea what Jesus stood for…only whatever your local pastor tells you.
  9. You are superstitious.
  10. You think Trump ‘tells it like it is” because you really have no idea what’s going on.
  11. You use the word fascist to describe Democrats even though you probably have no idea what that word means.
  12. You are gullible and easily fooled.
  13. You listen to what your friends say and never try to find out of it’s true because you are too intellectually lazy.
  14. Most likely you drink or smoke or use some sort of mind-numbing drug.
  15. Your lack of self-esteem makes you resent others around you who are successful.
  16. You think educated people are elitist.
  17. You think science is a sham because you are not capable of or interested in understanding it.
  18. Your lack of self-esteem is bolstered by gathering in a group of similar people and acting out your lack of confidence through hating on others.
  19. You have no moral base, no integrity.
  20. Anything and everything Trump says or does you will do because of all of the above.
  21. Guns make you feel powerful because you have no other power.

I pity you. I am sad for you, you are deplorable. I know I can’t change you but, to me, you are not a patriot or a true American. We are so much more than you.


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