The State of Our Nation

Last night Trump pretty much stayed on script but even so, his speech was full of fear mongering and false promises.  We must ask ourselves, is it worth it? Do we want wealth at the expense of:

  1. Clean air.
  2. Health coverage.
  3. Help for the disabled.
  4. Protection of our cherished lands.
  5. More babies born we can’t feed or care for.
  6. More women without protections against rape or pregnancy.
  7. Reduction or removal of Social Security and Medicare.
  8. Freedom of Press.
  9. Freedom of Speech.
  10. Attempts to change the very constitution this country thrives on.
  11. Freedom of Religion and from religion.
  12. Basic human rights for everyone.
  13. Higher taxes for the middle class and poor.
  14. International relations.
  15. Science.

The truth is we can have both. We can have a booming economy and all of the above but the Trump administration isn’t interested in that because underneath all the promises lies a beast called greed and its last name is power. Believe it. Resist it. Persist.


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