About That Wall…

Okay, so there’s this wall that Trump is going to build to keep Hispanics out of this country. Right? After all, they are criminals and rapists, Right? So… Trump says he is going to build a wall AND make Mexico pay for it and the Yakivists just eat this up like it’s even POSSIBLE. Meanwhile, the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, responded, in no uncertain terms, with, ” I am not going to build a fucking wall! “, …his words. Trump, of course ignores this because, well frankly, he knows he can’t build the wall and he certainly knows he can’t make another country pay for it. He also knows he can convince ignorant bigots without actually giving any details. After all he has a TV SHOW, he must be trustworthy right? So where does that leave us?

Let’s, for a moment, PRETEND such a wall can be built. That wall would have to be 1900 miles long, it would cost taxpayers GAZILLIONS of dollars and take a decade or three at least to build.

Erm…I thought Republicans were for small government and less spending?

Oh, never mind, let’s proceed! Okay, so anyway, lets PRETEND all the terrain that the wall has to go past is all flat and buildable, which it isn’t, and that this wall can physically be built, it can’t. Let’s PRETEND this wall is oh, 30 feet high? That’s pretty high!… NO? Okay then, let’s pretend that it’s 200 feet high like in Game of Thrones and made of solid steel…wait no, Titanium! Yes, that’s better! TI-TAA-NIUM!!! Fast forward to 2052 or 2078, whenever, the wall is built! Yay!  We have a WALL!  A HUGE EXPENSIVE WALL!  A TRUMP WALL!!!!.. it even HAS HIS NAME ON IT, and what do the Hispanics do? THEY TUNNEL UNDER IT JUST LIKE THEY ARE DOING TODAY, you morons! Or, they go around it by sea, they go over it by air. You know why? Because America is a land of freedom and Mexico has nothing but poverty to offer them. They are people, just like us, who want more for their families. So let’s forget that ridiculous wall and let’s work on the root problem here:

A: Trump is telling ignorant people what they want to hear. He can’t build a wall for heavens sake, wake up!

B. We are people of the EARTH not just the USA. Isolationism is not the answer! Walls are built to keep people IN not keep people out.


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