A Campaign of Fear

Over the past few weeks, in reading all the posts here and some comments on “right-wing” sites, I feel I need to examine the concept of how “fear” plays into this election. We all know that Trump’s entire campaign is composed of hate-mongering and fear tactics. Hate-mongering legitimizes people’s hidden bigotry and misogyny and makes it “okay” to hate. Hate will bring internal conflict to this nation and break us apart. It has already done so thanks to the media these past few years, and yes, to the far right Christian Evangelists. With the Evangelists, fear is their weapon. They preach that Islam is out to destroy Christianity, it isn’t, but even if it were, that’s why we have the laws we do regarding the separation of church and state. No religion can dictate their beliefs on others in this land or make laws against other religions who are here lawfully. So, bottom line is, Christians can’t force religion on anybody and neither can Muslims or any other religion. That’s why separation of church and state is one of the most brilliant laws ever made. Throughout history, whenever personal beliefs were in power over the people, terrible things happened and freedoms were lost. Then there are those who fear Sharia law. The very concept of Sharia law is against our laws and therefore would not be accepted in this nation.

So…is Isis coming to the United States? Not lawfully, no. Yet, I hear over and over how Hillary is going to “bring” Isis here. What?
Isis is, relatively speaking, a small band of fanatic criminals just like Osama Bin Laden and his cult. Isis does not represent Islam. Hillary and Obama “took care” of Bin Laden, did we forget?

Can we promise that we won’t have any more “terrorist” attacks in the United States? No one can promise that. Trump, who doesn’t seem to understand the basics of running this country certainly can’t. Hillary and Obama? Well the last eight years have been relatively peaceful, aside from some isolated incidents, none of which have been attributed to Isis. So I think the answer is, so far so good. Yet people who should know better are so fearful they would have us jump from the frying pan right into the fire of a Trump presidency where an unstable man could surround himself with fanatics and have his finger on the nuclear button. That, my fellow Americans, is something to fear.

In closing, I’d like to suggest that if we are going to fear something it should be a crazy, lying, bigoted, unstable man as president, and, oh yes, another crazy man, Kim Jong-un in North Korea playing with his nuclear weapons, one’s that COULD reach our shores very soon. Now that’s something to be afraid of.




I Get It, I do

An Open Letter to the GOP:

Dear GOP,

I get it, I do. You want the United States of America to go back to the way it was oh, 65-75 years ago. At that time, it was controlled by white people who had pretty much the same mind-set. “Queers” were to be ridiculed, blacks were sub-human, women belonged in the home raising kids and anyone of any other race was an “outsider”. Christianity was the ONLY religion and anyone who didn’t fit that mold was shunned. Men all had short hair and wore suits…pretty much how the recent Republican convention looked this year.. I get it, really I do. The Japanese were hated. I remember much of it. I remember when things began to change too. All of a sudden, I, as a woman, had the right to do something with my life other than get married and have kids. My Dad was very disappointed in me. My Mom was confused by it all. I actually had the right not to be beaten by my husband, or raped by my husband or anyone else. Blacks and Gays had the right to be heard after centuries of abuse. Children were protected from hidden sins like incest. Men started wearing their hair in different styles. Women could actually have careers, the horror! As time went on, immigrants who came to this country began to be accepted, their cultures blended into the actual beauty of what this country was supposed to represent. I saw all this happen and, you know what? It was like a breath of fresh air. People were no longer hiding in fear of their true selves or desires.

So yes GOP, I get it, I get that you are all a bunch of hypocrites to the ideals of what this nation is supposed to be. I get your hatred, your bigotry, your greed, your small petty minds. I get it, I do. Here’s the problem, we can’t go back, the people of this country don’t WANT to go back to being suppressed, beaten, ridiculed or raped. Sorry but it just isn’t going to happen. We live in a different world and it’s called The United States of America, it’s the melting pot it’s supposed to be and it’s been a long road, but now, even with all the lingering issues,it is truly GREAT.





About That Wall…

Okay, so there’s this wall that Trump is going to build to keep Hispanics out of this country. Right? After all, they are criminals and rapists, Right? So… Trump says he is going to build a wall AND make Mexico pay for it and the Yakivists just eat this up like it’s even POSSIBLE. Meanwhile, the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, responded, in no uncertain terms, with, ” I am not going to build a fucking wall! “, …his words. Trump, of course ignores this because, well frankly, he knows he can’t build the wall and he certainly knows he can’t make another country pay for it. He also knows he can convince ignorant bigots without actually giving any details. After all he has a TV SHOW, he must be trustworthy right? So where does that leave us?

Let’s, for a moment, PRETEND such a wall can be built. That wall would have to be 1900 miles long, it would cost taxpayers GAZILLIONS of dollars and take a decade or three at least to build.

Erm…I thought Republicans were for small government and less spending?

Oh, never mind, let’s proceed! Okay, so anyway, lets PRETEND all the terrain that the wall has to go past is all flat and buildable, which it isn’t, and that this wall can physically be built, it can’t. Let’s PRETEND this wall is oh, 30 feet high? That’s pretty high!… NO? Okay then, let’s pretend that it’s 200 feet high like in Game of Thrones and made of solid steel…wait no, Titanium! Yes, that’s better! TI-TAA-NIUM!!! Fast forward to 2052 or 2078, whenever, the wall is built! Yay!  We have a WALL!  A HUGE EXPENSIVE WALL!  A TRUMP WALL!!!!.. it even HAS HIS NAME ON IT, and what do the Hispanics do? THEY TUNNEL UNDER IT JUST LIKE THEY ARE DOING TODAY, you morons! Or, they go around it by sea, they go over it by air. You know why? Because America is a land of freedom and Mexico has nothing but poverty to offer them. They are people, just like us, who want more for their families. So let’s forget that ridiculous wall and let’s work on the root problem here:

A: Trump is telling ignorant people what they want to hear. He can’t build a wall for heavens sake, wake up!

B. We are people of the EARTH not just the USA. Isolationism is not the answer! Walls are built to keep people IN not keep people out.

Those Raccoons…

    I am obviously doing more thinking than usual today…might have something to do with the 4 cups of coffee I had this morning after waking up at 4 am to chase raccoons off my roof and back lawn. Exercise that early is not natural I tell ya!

Anyway, I was thinking back to when things were different and I had to put up with my butt being slapped, pinched and groped by strangers, my boobs being grabbed as I walked down the hall at school and other parts being groped in public, and there was nothing I could do about it because, “it’s just boys being boys.” In college, I found myself trapped in a backstage prop room by one of my teachers who proceeded to try to have his way with me until I punched him in the nose and almost broke it. At the bank where I worked I was subjected to all kinds of unwelcome passes by men who worked there…some of them married. No I didn’t flirt, I didn’t dress inappropriately, I was simply female and attractive enough to draw attention. It happened to most women I knew and we were pretty powerless to stop it.

Fast forward to today. Things are much better than they were. I have more rights than I did, and yet, I am still not considered a full citizen of this country. Never mind that I am a 2 business owner and have never been on the government dole and have always paid my taxes. As a woman,I know that women don’t get equal pay. They miss out on jobs, simply because they are female even though there are laws against that. Men still treat me differently than they would a man in many of my daily interactions. Sometimes I still have to fight to be heard or to get the best price for a service. Most men don’t realize what it was like back then for women and what, in some ways, it is still like today. I talk to and socialize with people from all walks of life in America through my businesses and other online interactions. Meeting people from different walks of life interests me and I have met some really nice people. One thing though I have noticed is there is still a huge population of men who really think women are lesser creatures. They think nothing of saying things to me that are inappropriate and unwelcome. They will brush off things I say as being insignificant or make fun of it. It takes me right back to the way things were in the 20th century and it makes me both sad and angry.

So what’s my point? Well some women are saying they won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, “just because she’s a woman”. I agree with that. No one should vote or not vote for someone just because of their gender. But I do want to say to these women, think. Just think of what it took for Hillary Clinton to get where she is today. Think of what she has to go through on a daily basis in order to do her job. Think about the strength it takes, the patience and the forbearance and BRAINS it takes to do her job. Then think about all the losers out there, men and women, who have nothing better to do than slander, attack her and spread vicious lies about her. Those raccoons? They are not really what keeps me up at night….


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