When I Was Younger

When I was younger, I remember when abortion was illegal. Women were forced to go to dirty clinics to have abortions and many sickened and died. Others tried to self-abort only to die as well. Many lives were saved by making “choice” an option for women. No one is pro-abortion, no one. No one wants to see a fetus aborted under any circumstances. The fact is, it’s going to happen whether or not it’s legal. By making it legal, many babies are being SAVED by offering options, like adoption, to women who come in to places like Planned Parenthood and who otherwise would have aborted their pregnancy. They are also counseled on different options for birth control that many were ignorant of thereby reducing the chance of a repeat pregnancy. Abortions are way DOWN since it was made legal. So, if you are for saving lives it makes no sense to go back to it being illegal, none. No matter your religious beliefs, in this country, you are free to decide for yourself, you just can’t decide for anyone else. I have never met ANYONE who is pro-abortion, just pro choice. There’s a huge difference…



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