Just Because I’m a Democrat…

Just because I’m a Democrat…

1. Doesn’t mean I want to pay for our citizens to lay around and not work. We do need Welfare reform and quickly. I believe that every able-bodied American should have a job. I also believe that once we do have welfare reform more people will have jobs.

2. Doesn’t mean I want to take away gun rights. I fully believe that the average citizen should have the right to carry a gun. I also think that person should know how to use that gun safely and gun training should be mandatory. I think we need better cross-state communication so the wrong person can’t get their hands on a gun simply by crossing state lines. That was the MEAT of Obama’s proposal by the way, not taking away guns. I recognize that in certain states gun use is a necessary part of life and I will defend that.

3. Doesn’t mean I like abortion. No one LIKES abortion. The fact is, that since abortion was legalized, fewer babies are being aborted through education and the options given them by planned parenthood. Abortions will happen anyway and more babies and young women will die without legalization.

4. Doesn’t mean I want to take away your religion. On the contrary, I want everyone’s personal spiritual beliefs to be respected and protected. The ONLY way to do that is through separation of church and state. History has shown that when churches get involved in government, freedoms are lost.¬†American Christians, the fastest way to see your religious beliefs disappear is to vote in a demagogue like Trump who wants to take away rights. I don’t think he is even a church-goer.

5. Doesn’t mean I think there is no danger from terrorist attacks. Of course there is. It’s always a possibility. No human being can protect you from that, no one, not Obama, not Clinton and especially not Trump with his unstable personality and trigger finger. But I do have to say that there haven’t been any serious attacks in this country during Obama’s presidency so you might want to think about that. That doesn’t just “happen”, our current government is doing a great job to make sure it doesn’t happen. Let’s not forget that 9-11 happened in Bush’s presidency along with a farce of a war which killed thousands of good American and European men and women.

6. Doesn’t mean I think we should have uncontrolled immigration. No country has uncontrolled immigration. With all the hype out there about how Democrats are going to open the borders is the fact that we already have a tough vetting system for new in-coming immigrants. We already have a WALL. Yet, because of the internet conspiracy theories the stories spread. There is already a vetting system in place for any immigrants from the Middle East. Chill.

Just because I am a Democrat doesn’t make me a leftist any more than it makes the average Republican citizen a right-wing fanatic. It also doesn’t make me vote along party lines although I have to say I will make an exception this year. This year, the GOP has mutated so badly to the far right that I no longer can support it as a party at all. It’s an embarrassment and ALL citizens of America should be ashamed to have let it get this far.


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