The Problem with “Willful Ignorance”

In many parts of this country, ignorance isn’t stupidity, ignorance is a choice. Sometimes it’s a community “mindset”. Sometimes it’s an individual decision. Willful ignorance isn’t born of lack of resources, its a product of laziness, fear and a desire to fit in. While lack of education feeds ignorance, the decision to stay ignorant is a personal one. We all have choices no matter how limited our resources. Ultimately, we can choose to be intellectually curious or we can choose to be lazy. We can choose to rise above our current station in life or we can choose to stay there. We can choose to learn about the world or we can choose to sit back and let the world take care of us and complain about our situation in life. We can blame the government or we can stand up to our communities and make changes. No matter our economic and educational level, we can drift along and pretend that everything will be alright and make bad choices or we can take action and educate ourselves on the issues. We can willfully believe fake internet sites because they fit our comfort zones or we can learn to Google facts. Our ignorance today is tomorrow’s future and tomorrow’s future is the future of our children. Do you care? It seems to me that those who stay willfully ignorant are the real traitors to this great country. They are the one’s who got us into this mess. Let’s fix it. Call Congress and let them know that the masses still have plenty of Americans who reject willful ignorance and are not going to let them get away with suppression of us or our freedoms. This is not a partisan issue, this is a human issue, a rights issue, a cake baked of complacency, denial and fear with a huge dose of bigotry for icing that is the foundation for suppression of human freedoms for those in power. Believe me, those in power know it and they will use it. Let’s not let them.


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