California, the Land of Enlightenment

I live in California so I am labeled “an enemy” by Trump. I am also labeled a “lib-tard and many, many other names by people who have never lived or even been to California. Let me tell you a bit about California. Yes, there are hot-tubs here and wine and many here live the good life. We also have the lower class and people on the dole and some homeless but not nearly to the extent of the “red” states. California has the 6th largest economy in the WORLD. Much of the state is rural, beautiful farmlands. I’ll post some pics at the end of this article. I was born at the renowned Presidio Army base in San Francisco and my first home was one of the famed “Pilot Homes” over-looking the Golden Gate bridge. I was raised all over the world as an Army-brat and settled here many years ago when my father retired. We had previously been stationed in Hawaii so, at first, California was a let-down. Over the years though, I have come to appreciate it’s beauty, not only the geography but the diversity of its people and culture. We have come a long way and I was here for most of it. I was here when Gays were “perverts” and anyone who looked different was an outsider. I was here when abortion was illegal and watched people I knew die because of it. I was here when it was okay for men to grab my breasts or my “pussy” because it was just “boys being boys”. I was here when it was difficult for women to get any kind of job in science or any man-defined job. I was here when a divorced woman was an “exile” from polite society so married women often stayed in horribly abusive marriages just to avoid the stigma. I was also here when those things slowly changed. When foreigners were embraced for the beauty and diversity of their cultures. When Gays fought for equal rights and people began to realize that being gay was a normal part of being human. I was here when women demanded protection in the workforce and were allowed to shine in all jobs from astronauts to scientists to stay-at-home Moms. When divorce became an option without blame, when women were given rights over their own bodies and souls. California flourished and blossomed and grew and the people with it. I was here when Christianity became just one of many theologies, along with the right to say “I’m not religious” without being demonized.

Yes, I was here through that and I treasure every moment of that awaking. I try every day to embrace knowledge and fight against hate. Trump stands for hate and we are not going back to that. We just aren’t, sorry. Next time you start to bash a Californian, I invite you to come here and learn what you are missing. It’s a wonderful world to live in. Trumpsters, I’ve been where you are, I’ve lived in the heart of Texas and Ohio and several other states. I know what you are missing but you have no idea.  Stop being so afraid of change, you might learn something.



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